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Find inspiration from these stories and life hacks. Dr Jude speaks on the importance of mindset and overcoming challenge.


I am a London based Surgeon. I trained in London, with international experience at Yale and the University of Toronto. I am a passionate doctor and advocate for excellence. As well as surgery my interests include filmmaking and writing. I tell the stories of interesting and inspiring people and share lessons to help us live happier, healthier and more successful lives.

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Hi Dr Jude. You have inspired me! I have 2 children and I'm 30 doing a job I don't want to do. I left school without any qualifications, but I'm going back and I'm aiming for medicine!
Thank you for showing us that it is possible to dream, fight and become. You inspired a 19 year old kid from South Africa to believe, study and become a doctor and possibly one day a top Neurosurgeon.
Elih Lestali
This Channel is seriously underrated. It helped me get into med school, with the wrong A-levels and a late decision. Many Thanks Dr Jude!
Alex Byers
Medical Student

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